Today I’m thinking about how lucky I am. I have lots of loving, caring, wonderful people in my life. I have a job in a time when finding work is difficult. I have a safe place to live and access to food and water. Today I am grateful.


Twitter, using social media to shut women up

Twitter has suspended Rose McGowen’s Twitter account because she called out a man who sexually assaulted women. Twitter doesn’t seem to mind the hate mongers who say liberals should be killed or Muslims are evil but when a woman stands up for herself and other women, she is silenced. It’s bull shit.

What do you think?


Today is Day of the Girl! What does this mean? Day of the Girl is about gender equality. It is about treating women the same as men. It is about the fact that women make less than men for the same or even more experience at a job. This day is about the fact that women walk down the street and get catcalled and men don’t (most don’t yes, it happens some times). Day of the Girl is about the fact that when women are sexually harassed people question her “motives” for speaking up. Today is the day when women say no. Our society, the way it is, is not enough for women. We want more. We want what we deserve: equality.

World Mental Health Day

As a person diagnosed with mental illness (Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder), I can tell you that there are lots of others out there going through the same thing as you and there is help for your problem.

1-800-273-8255 – Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 – Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 – Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 – Self Harm Hotline

888-640-5174 – Depression Hotline

Seek the help you need. Spread the word. Maybe it will touch someone who needs it.