Almost #DailyPrompt

When you were just out of college, you and your significant other were about to move in together. He/she goes to work that day and so do you. When you come home there’s a note on the door of your apartment that says “I can’t.” He/she signed their name. You try to call, go to their place, all traces of them are gone. Ten years go by and you see him/her in your town. They smile when they see you. What happens next?


Almost #DailyPrompt

You’re a farmer. The crows keep eating your corn. Financially you can’t afford to lose anymore corn. You decide to take your shotgun and wait in the field to get rid of the crows once and for all. As night falls, the crows swirl overhead and Ed, your scarecrow hops off the post he’s usually attached to and walks out of the corn. Obviously you follow him. Where does he go, what happens next?

Shapeless Descent Chapter 3

The little green numbers on the dash read nine-thirty. Somehow I didn’t hit any traffic coming back from the city and cruised into the outskirts of the suburbs. I unrolled the window. The warm June air smelled like summer, sweet and sticky with a hint of chlorine. Usually, I’d be concerned that my hair would be in tangles but not today. I breathed in deeply and smiled. Tangled hair couldn’t bring down my good mood.

To add to my elation, I wouldn’t have to deal with Silky when I arrived at the club to quit. It was perfect timing. She wouldn’t be in until noon and I’d much rather deal with Pig. He couldn’t care less who comes and goes but Silky was the opposite. she was known for spouting crap about stripping being women’s revenge on men for the former and current oppression they bore upon us. I’m as much a feminist as the next woman but shaking my breasts in a man’s face for a few bucks was hardly ‘feel good’ revenge.

The Beaver Dam looked different in the light of day. No neon lights, no drunk guys sleeping off their intoxication and there weren’t any big rigs in the parking lot. In fact, it was empty except for Pig’s Range Rover. I can honestly say I’ve never been there during the daylight. It felt weird, I felt out of place without the lights flashing ‘Nude Girls! Nude Girls!’

The inside was empty. The overhead lights were on as opposed to the red lights that were strung along the walkways and ceiling and the flashing multicolored lights that Silkyswore accentuated the good parts and hid the flaws.

The office door was open and Pig was sitting in a chair that was far too small for his massive frame and that would surely be stuck to his rump when he stood. He was doing some kind of paperwork and running his pudgy fingers through a forest of black curls that tangled around the edges of his unbuttoned shirt. Sweat had soaked through prime areas of the sateen-looking button-down shirt. He fanned himself and then noticed me.

“Eden,” he said with a smile. I cringed. I hated that he called me by my work name when I wasn’t working. “What are you doing in this early?” His eyes bulged out as he looked at the clock, at me and then at the clock again.

Unlike some of the other girls, I didn’t hang out at the club. I worked there and I didn’t enjoy my work so why would I come in early and stay late just to drink with a guy like Pig? Don’t get me wrong, he was one of the better ones. Yes, he stared but he did not grope unless invited and I never invited. Yes, he was a chauvinist but he paid me and didn’t really make hurtful or demeaning comments to me or about me that I knew of, anyway.

“I’m quitting,” I waited for his indifferent ‘ok’ but it didn’t come.

“Quitting? Why?” His furry eyebrows curved down like two bent cattails.

“I have enough money to go to college and get a degree.”

“What about Luca?” The mention of my younger sister caught me off guard. I didn’t typically share my personal life with people at work but unfortunately, all the work people had met her.

Of course, I had thought about her already. I’ll send her a check to pay the rest of her very pricey Yale education but I’m not telling her I quit the club. It’s the principle. I’m twenty-eight years old and she’s eighteen. I did what I had to do to take care of her and mom.

The day Luca saw me was still vivid in my mind. A newer dancer, Haven, was dancing and pulled me up on the stage. Two nearly naked girls grinding on each other was a fantasy come true for most of the men at any strip club. I was in my naughty nurse outfit and Haven was spanking me with her dominatrix whip. The audience hooted and hollered. Then a scowling face caught my eye, my baby sister was staring at me from the tip rail.

“So it’s true? I can’t believe this, Lidy. What are you doing?” Luca was sitting with a group of her friends from high school, all of whom were home from colleges spread across the country home on winter break. Luca’s friends, like most eighteen to twenty-year-olds, were trying to get a few beers illegally.

“What are you doing here?” I said as I jumped down off the stage, forgetting completely that my tits were still exposed. Her male friends snickered and pointed at me. I did a lame job of covering up with my nurse hat and arms.

“Why are you doing this?” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Get back on stage, Eden,” Pig yelled at me but I tuned him out, trying to find the words to explain to my sister.

“I thought you were a bartender. Have you been doing this the whole time?”

I’d never been looked at with so much disgust. My stomach churned and I had a hard time looking her in the eye but I had no choice. I couldn’t’ work a low paying nine to five job and help Luca, Daisy and myself.

Of course, this led to a huge fight. She threatened to drop out of Yale and go to a cheaper school but I told her it would kill Mom. She sulked away and we haven’t talked since yet I still get her bills and I still pay them. She doesn’t seem to mind my ‘dirty money’ then.

“Luca will be taken care of and I will have enough money to take care of everything else,” I said to Pig.

“Where did you get all this money?” He eyed me suspiciously. Even though I made good money it clearly wasn’t enough to pay for Yale and for me to go to college too and take care of Daisy.

“I inherited it,” I said.

“Oh,” he looked down at his desk, his eyes searching his piles of papers which were strewn across the top. “Isn’t your mom’s care really expensive?” I hated that he knew so much about my personal life. How did he know so much? I certainly never told him.

“It’s all taken care of. Anyway, tell the girls I said bye.” I turned to walk out.

“Lidy,” his voice was usually gruff but cracked and as I turned back toward him I saw a softness that I had never seen before, “I’m sad to see you go. You brought some class to the old Beaver Dam.”

I couldn’t help but smile. It was the biggest compliment that he or any other man at The Beaver Dam had ever given me.

“Thanks,” I looked at him and smiled. “Bye,” I said and opened the door to the outside world and was flooded with sunlight. I felt free.


“Was that Eden I saw leaving?” Silky asked as soon as she walked into Pig’s office. She wasn’t in her work clothes yet and was instead wearing a cashmere sweater and skinny jeans. She looked better more covered up, Pig thought.

“Yeah, she quit,” he said and looked down at his paperwork so Silky wouldn’t see what an emotional bitch he was.

“What? And you just let her go?” Silky stomped her foot when he didn’t look up at her or answer.

“What do you mean ‘let her’ Silky? I’m not her father or anything.” Pig looked at the numbers on the spreadsheet in front of him even though the tears blurred his vision.

“You idiot.” Silky stomped around Pig’s small office, her heels click-clacking like Rudolph on the rooftops.

“Would you please stop?” Pig finally looked up. Silky stopped moving and looked at him.

“I know how you feel, she was the best we had.” Silky walked over to Pig and looked him in the eyes like he was a child. She spoke softly. “She was the sweetest girl. We will get her back. Where does she live?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you not know? Look it up on her application.” Silky demanded.

“It’s a strip club. No one fills out applications.”

“Ok, where is she going to work?” Silky crossed her arms.

“No where, she’s going to school, nursing school I think.” Pig said and put the papers in front of him in a file folder.

“Damn it, Pig. How will we find her now?”