Platforms and other things I don’t really have time for

I work.  I work as a mother and a wife and a writer but I also work 40 hours a week for a paycheck in the health care field.


I am a Girl Scout leader.  This is super time consuming (other leaders understand what I mean).  We have training sessions, oh about a hundred of them.  Then on the first Monday of every month we have a leader meeting where we hear about everyone and everything in the GS world.  Oh, and we have a Brownie meeting twice a month which means I also meet with my co-leader (who is the best person in the world and so organized and motivated- I love her) twice a month to discuss the next meeting.  And there are always events, neighborhood events, Greater L.A. events and national events.


I am a dance mom.  Not like the crazy ones you see on TV (yes, you, if you are on that show and reading this, you are one of the crazies).  My daughter takes dance for two hours on Wednesdays and I have to help with fundraisers and such to keep her dance scholarship.


I am on the PTA and Boosters club at my daughter’s school.  I meet them each 1 time a month and help when and where I can.


After all that is said and done, I have to write.  Not just editing and plotting and writing my novel but write for my platform as well because according to everyone in the publishing world, having a platform is the best thing you can do to self-promote.  But I don’t wanna.


Clearly, I am giving in and doing it but really I’d like nothing more than to sit with a cup of my Tania Coffee (it’s a packet of hot chocolate and black coffee mixed together- this months flavor: mint chocolate- delish) and read or plot out a new idea or snuggle with daughter and hubby and watch one of the many movies he claims we ‘have’ to see.


So here I am, writing my daily bit for my dreaded platform and not really getting any new hits (yes I aware that it is only day 3).   This is supposed to be the first step in building my platform- website with blog.


Now I am off to do my real work.  Wish me luck and read this blog everyday so that this work won’t be in vain!  😛


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