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I am having an extraordinarily hard time picking a title.  It is a hard decision and one that really does affect everything to do with my novel.  I have asked several people’s opinions and they are all wishy washy, which is not helpful.


Of course I want something catchy and intriguing and makes people want to read it but I want something that really represents the book.  I hate books that have these interesting titles and then I read the book and have no idea why they chose that particular title.


So I decided to have a little contest.  I will post a blurb about my book and you, my faithful reader, can vote on a title and come up with one of your own.  If me and my panel of judges (hubby and two best friends G and Liz) like yours best, I will send you a $5.00 (I am still poor so 5 is what I can afford :P) gift card to Starbucks (I would prefer a local non-chain place but I can’t guarantee what is close to me is also close to you- sorry mom and pop stores)!


Join me here tomorrow- same bat place, same bat time, to join the contest!





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