Title contest

Yesterday I pitched the title contest idea.  I am excited about it and I hope you are too!  Below is a blurb about my book so that you can get an idea about what the book is about.


Good Luck!


My 60,000 word mystery novel is about Lidy Stratton, cutter, stripper, big sister and daughter of a schizophrenic woman that struggles after her absent father dies and leaves her with a private investigation agency with an intriguing open case.


At first, Lidy tells Jackie Kaplan, the friend of a woman who, Jackie claims, was wrongfully committed to an Illinois state mental institution by her boyfriend, that she couldn’t help.  But the more Lidy learns about Sydney Carter and her boyfriend Rick Arnold, the more Lidy knows something isn’t right and has to help.


Can Lidy handle this case on her own?  Can she handle losing the father that everyone thinks loved her but that she never really knew?  Can she get Sydney released out of the institution before she becomes a permanent resident like Lidy’s mother?  Can Lidy do all this and control her compulsion to cut herself?


Leave your title suggestion as a comment or email them to me at taniabakerhui@yahoo.com.


Thanks and happy brainstorming!




2 thoughts on “Title contest

  1. Cut Off, Cut Out, Basket Case, Lidy 3000, She’s a Maniac, Strip Me Crazy, Cut Me Crazy, Not Yet, Shapeless Descent, Lies and Razorblades, Lies that Cut, The Crazy Adventures of Detective LIdy, Hot Mess…

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