Craig Ferguson is Educational Television

My husband and I are lame old people.  We go to bed early, like 9pm so we record several shows to watch at a more suitable time (like 6pm).  One of the shows we DVR is The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Now you may be reading this thinking, ‘Craig Ferguson is not educational television!’  My friend, you would be wrong!


I was watching one evening with my husband.  A celebrity (I can’t remember which one) came on.  Craig asked his questions and then moved on to trivia for a $50.00 prize.


Craig said, “Iceland is a country in the North Atlantic. It’s capital is Reykjavik. How tall is Regis Philbin?”


Of course the question was ridiculous but Craig continued to use the Iceland/Reykjavik set up for all questions.  Now whenever I hear about Iceland I think ‘Iceland is a country in the North Atlantic.  It’s capitol is Reykjavik.’


And that is why Craig Ferguson is educational television.  😛


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