Just Double the Tax

Just Double the Tax

This post will not have anything to do with writing so if you only tune in for that kind of reading, skip over this and return tomorrow.

Today’s post will be about tipping.  Did you know that servers/waitresses/waiters/bartenders/etc. do not make minimum wage?  They make ‘server minimum’ which is usually between 2.13 and 4.95 (depending on what state you work in).

Therefore, servers/waitresses/waiters/whatever you want to call them depend on a decent tip to make up for the wage deficit.    The average tip should be between 15 and 20%.  Since some places only have a 7% or 8% tax doubling the tip does not make the server feel like they did a good job.

If you cannot afford to tip the appropriate amount, then you cannot afford to eat out.  Keep your cheap ass home and make pb and j.

Now if the server/waiter/waitress/etc. sucks and does not deserve 15-20% by all means, don’t tip that but if the service was great and they were pleasant to deal with, frickin pay up.

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