My Writing Process

This process for many is the same day in and day out.  I am jealous.  My process is based on how much time I have and the fact that I easily forget things unless I write them down immediately and to completion.  For example, I am notorious for writing down part of an idea and leaving it for when I have more time.  Naturally when I go back to it, I have forgotten many of the details that went with said idea.

Typically I wake up and go to the gym.  Actually I wake up and go to the nearest coffee place and get a coffee and guzzle it down so I have some kind of energy at 5 (ok really 6) a.m. and then go to the gym.  After an hour long (sometimes longer- no lie! but also sometimes shorter 😦 ) workout I go home and wake up my daughter before jumping in the shower.

After my shower, of course I dress and check email, Facebook and Twitter.  I return about 15 (literally) emails and then try to get some questions answered.  My husband found this wonderful feature on my MacBook Pro called Stickies.  I use them like Post-It notes and type questions I have about things that have to do with my story.  For example, I needed to know how long LSD stayed in someone’s system.

Anyway, after all that, I get my lunch and pack up my stuff and take my daughter to school.  In the car we work on spelling words of the week.

I then head to work.  I am a caregiver (the only job I get paid for unfortunately) and work in an elderly couple’s home.  I make breakfast, help them take care of the cat (she is hilarious and stubborn) and then I sit.  Then go about their day and I sit there and write/edit/plot whatever I am working on at that time.

Because they sometimes they need me to do odd things or run errands so my time to write is not predictable.  I write/edit while they are doing their own thing and then plot another story while they are eating and I am waiting to clean up their meal.

After work I hardly have any time at all to write.  I take my daughter to the libraries on Tuesdays, dance on Wednesdays, and Girl Scouts (where I am the leader) on Fridays.  Saturdays and Sundays I try to fit some kind of writing in but it is difficult as my family does not understand the “I’m working, leave me alone,” thing.

This process sucks.  I don’t get enough writing done and of course this stupid blog that virtually no one reads sucks time out of writing but like I said before everyone is saying “You have to have a platform!”  So here I am, wasting time, writing a blog to build a platform for a book that I will probably never sell.

So there you go, my writing process.

The End

Now I am angry that I wasted thirty plus minutes doing this (and surfing the internet and chatting with friends on FB) I am going to sign off here and do actual work.


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