I lie

Confession #4: I lie.

*Names have been changed

Two co-workers were becoming really close.  The guy, Kevin, and the lady, Stacy, told everyone at work that they were just friends.  No one believed them.  When they were together they were annoyingly inseparable- at work even.  Stacy gushed about Kevin when they weren’t together.

The truth was that Stacy had the major hots for Kevin but Kevin was ‘out of her league’ and she knew it.  She denied her feelings.  Stacy is a terrible liar.

I am a great liar.

I needed to get out of my apartment but I knew my landlord would not just let me go on short notice.  I told Stacy, whose lease on her apartment was ending, and Kevin, whose lease was up within a few days, that my fabulous two bedroom apartment was opening up and it would be perfect for them.

They both asked me (separately) if I thought they could live together, if it was a good idea.

Now, before you think these are wonderful people and I am a horrible person, let me give you a little background.  Stacy lies.  To everyone about everything.  She steals (of course she denies it but there has been evidence) and she manipulates people to get what she wants.  Stacy is not a good person.  She is a very fake person.

Kevin is an idiot.  He is a modern day hippie that has very little life experience and refuses to be exposed to the real world.  He was warned by several people about Stacy and he chose to ignore them.

Ok, so they both asked me about living together.

I lied.  I told them it was a great plan!

“I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a good idea!”

It was totally a bad idea.  Stacy was hot for Kevin.  Kevin was oblivious.  Stacy was a control freak at work.  How would she be at home?  Kevin is very codependent and Stacy is very manipulative.

This was a terrible situation for everyone, everyone except me.

Now I sit back and smile when I hear the stories about her freaking out when he brings a girl home and how he hates that she controls what food comes into the apartment and how its decorated.

Confession #4: I lie.


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