New Years Resolution- Cliche, I know

It is 2012 and I feel the optimism and hopefulness that comes with this time of year.  I have the stereotypical resolutions: spend more time with loved one, eat better, tone up, sell books, work more and more effectively.  I have filled my calendar with due dates for chapters and weight loss.  How will I make sure that I stick with it?  How will I know that reality will not set in and the optimism and hope that I feel (only around New Years) will disappear?  I don’t.  There are no guarantees.  No books on achieving your goals or words of encouragement can make my goals magically happen.  The only thing that will help me achieve these goals is me.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution- Cliche, I know

  1. Haha! You should do what I did, I met my (mostly mandatory) goal before New Years resolution time:) so now when anyone asks me what my resolution was I tell them happily it was to quit smoking! I think it will be my goal again for next year too;) No resolution drama! :):):)

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