Really Want to Be More Productive?

Really Want to be More Productive?

I read an article about improving productivity for writers.  There were two rather lame tips (it was a very short, lame article).

1.)  Clean off your desk

2.)  Clean your desk drawers

This did not sound like a productive use of time.  This sounds like a massive amount of distraction.  Maybe I don’t just understand since I don’t have a desk (I work wherever I can find a clear space).

So I decided to make my own list of ways to be more productive.

1.)  Hide your cell phone.  Since cell phones became physically and emotionally attached to our bodies, they have become a massive form of distraction.  They have internet access, games, friends phone numbers for texting, email alerts, Twitter alerts and many, many more widgets to pull our attention away from our work.

2.)  Hide your iproducts.  Yeah I know what you were thinking.  ‘Ooo, I’ll hide my phone but I will still have my ipod/ipad/iwhatever.  HA!  Put that away too and get to writing you lazy bum!

3.)  Disconnect from the internet.  Major distraction.  The thoughts of ‘I’ll just check my email really quick,’ or ‘I haven’t looked at my Facebook today’ or ‘my lasagna is gonna go bad on Café World’ (that one is for G- you know who you are).  It’s easy to disconnect from and you can reconnect when you are done.

4.)  Some people, myself included, are more productive away from home.  So leave.  There are too many things going on in my house for me to stay focused.  For example, I am writing this from my couch.  The TV is on, my daughter needs help with math, my husband is trying to tell me about an article he read and I can’t get my mind to where it needs to be.

5.)  Do not have the TV or pop/rap/rock/r&b radio on.  If I know the song, I focus on the song and start singing and dancing and NOT WRITING!  Now I try to turn into KUSC- University of Southern California’s classical radio station.  It is fabulous.

6.)  Don’t have time to leave the house?  Wake up at 5am to avoid people and other distractions.   Make coffee, eat a bagel and then get to writing.

Good Luck and I hope this helped you more than the article I read!


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