How to Get Published Without Really Trying

I used to be stupid. Ok that’s harsh but it did get your attention and it is sort of true.  I used to believe that certain things; books, etc. would make me get published.  I used to think, ‘wow, if I had that pen, I would be a great writer.’ Or, ‘if I could read that book about getting published I would be published.’ In my mind these were magical things that held the key to becoming a successful author.  I subscribed to Writer’s Digest and bought books about getting published.  I believed the article that said if you do these 3 little things you would be a success. I followed the advice, all wide-eyed and optimistic.  And believe it or not, I did not get published.  I just couldn’t understand it.  I read and reread the articles.  I was doing everything right and still nothing. My optimism disappeared and I became bitter and jaded. But then, then I realized that while I was wasting hours reading about tricks to get a deal I was not focused on my craft.  Instead of writing, I was trying to find shortcuts to the gold at the end of the rainbow but guess what?  There are no shortcuts.  Time, hard work and persistence are what get people published, not the book on how to spend 2 hours a day writing to get a novel in 90 days. In fact, right now you should be focused on your own work instead of reading this!   (Just kidding of course!  Love that you read this!)  Now get to work!  To quote Young MC “don’t just stand there, bust a move.”


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