2nd Blog Review- Ode to the Single Parents


First of all, the whole website for Butterfly Moms is just beautiful!  I love the idea of moms as butterflies and loved the article I read about being a single parent vs. being a parent who is married and whose spouse is out of town.

Until 10/10/10 I had been a single parent since 2/13/04.  It was tough, even with the support I had from friends, family and my child’s father.  Raising a child in a single parent home is hard work and being a good parent in a single family home is even harder.  Julie Cole, the author of the post, seems to know and understand the difference between the two.

As soon as I moved in with my husband, life got a lot easier.  Now there were two chauffeurs, two chefs, two bedtime tucker in-ers.

Julie brings up a good point to ponder too.  A divorced couple that have equal time with their child and seem to do the work at 50/50, are they still ‘single parents’ or are they co-parenting parents that happen to be single?

Check out the website for more insightful articles and questions to ponder!


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