Ooo! The Sex Issue, oh, Wait, isn’t Every Issue the Sex Issue?

I got the February edition of Glamour Magazine.  The cover has article headlines all over.  Most of them are about sex and guys and what guys want when having sex and sexy guys and what guys think are sexy, etc.  Every combination of ‘guys’ and ‘sex’ and/or ‘sexy’ is on the cover.


Why is this issue any different than any other issue?  Isn’t every issue of every magazine in this category (ie. Fashion, women that are not house fraus, etc.) the same?  They seem to think all women ages 18-49, (according to Wikipedia, yes I know Wikipedia isn’t always a good source of information but this seemed on target) only want to know about guys and sex with guys.


Glamour Magazine, we don’t.  I am appalled that you spent page after page talking about guys and sex and exactly one page talking about Maggie Gyllenhaal supporting women’s health and her beliefs that attacks on Planned Parenthood are bad for women.


Are you serious Glamour?  Really?  Yeah, I totally care more about what shoes will get a hottie to do me than whether I can afford to get tested for breast cancer!


You may be reading this and saying, ‘but Tania, you don’t understand because you aren’t single.  You are happily married.’  Yes, I am happily married but I was single for five years and even then wanted to know more about my health than what percentage of guys masturbate at work!  (This is an actual article in Glamour’s February issue- the answer: 31%.  Ew.)


Here is a novel idea, do some research and see what women 18-49 want to read about!  I am sure some want to know about landing a guy by f-ng the shit out of him but I am sure 1 article per issue would do for most women, not 90% of the magazine.


I know some people are saying, ‘Tania, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.’  Excellent point.  However, this is not just about me reading it.  This is about my 8 year old seeing it on the newsstand at the mall, grocery store, Target, etc.  While I am not a cover your kids eyes and pretend sex isn’t everywhere parent, I don’t want her growing up thinking ‘hey this is clearly what is most important to women.’  It is not.


The only way to change this is for people like me to bitch and for people like you to share my rants so hit up Twitter and Facebook and let the shit fly!


3 thoughts on “Ooo! The Sex Issue, oh, Wait, isn’t Every Issue the Sex Issue?

  1. Soooo true. Having been in and out of EVERY type of relationship, single, serious, casual etc. I can honestly say, at no point in my life did I not laugh to myself at the Cosmos in the grocery store. Really? How many ways can you make your man &*$!… … …how many real women are using Cosmo to improve their sex life (which of course consumes more time than work and sleep combined depending on your source…). Big giant joke in my opinion. And I agree, I would much rather see more of the short but informative, current events and what effects my life now articles, although as a second runner up, I wouldn’t mind reading about what works better to start up your man, ice or hot wax….ugh.

  2. Wonderful Tania. You are so on point with this.. I guess I just wonder…Haven’t Glamour done the stats on what women are “supposedly” reading. Or, do they need to update the stats. They are probably using dated interests and info. But, that would be kind of hard to believe seeing that they are Glamour. Thus where is the problem? Somewhere they have gotten the impression that—>>> “sex” and “guys” and every variation of the words is what’s wanted? Hilarious. Hey, maybe you should send this article to them. Or, maybe…I will. hmmm.

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