Lidy’s Lover

New contest!  Lidy Stratton is beautiful, fun, smart but damaged.  That doesn’t keep people from wanting to date her.  Read the book, all of it, then send me an email ( telling me who she should date in the next book and why.  Best answer wins $10.00 visa gift card!  Contest ends April 10th!


4 thoughts on “Lidy’s Lover

  1. I sent in mine!! I would comment here, but I just KNOW that everyone else would be stealing my ideas!! 🙂

  2. Ge’ylah flies through the door and runs towards the middle of the room where that “Liz” chick is standing –begging to name Liddys lover. “Tsk, Tsk,” says Geylah. “Some people are so deserate”. as she swings her hips and knocks “Liz” out the way with one of her 15lb buttocks. ” Tania,” Ge’ylah says… “Can you please extend this contest, I’ve been a bit busy and need to catch up to the masses?”.

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