Monday night, that is a fun, relaxed night at my house.  Monday night is wrestling night and my husband makes dinner, we curl up on the couch and watch grown men talk smack.  My eight-year-old daughter joins in, yelling at the bad guys for picking on the good guys.


Anyway, this past Monday night, there was a short documentary on John Cena and The Rock.  In the documentary, John Cena says he parade around his work for The Make-a-Wish Foundation because he doesn’t want people thinking he does it for the wrong reasons.


At first, I thought, ‘I completely understand.’  Then I stopped and thought, ‘does it really matter why he did it?’


Eva Peron had a foundation that many claimed she started just to gain favor with the poor in her country.  Does it matter why she did a good thing?


Surely it would be nice if everyone had a good heart and cared about others enough to always do the right thing without it being for show but that is not the reality of things.


Companies donate money, computers, etc. in order to look good in the public eye.  Does it matter what their reasoning is?


Personally, I am stumped.  I’m not sure I care why someone is donating money to domestic violence or volunteering at a hospice.  To me it might be enough that they are doing something good, whether they have selfish ulterior motives or not.


What do you think?  Would you change your opinion of someone that did started a charity or volunteered time or money if you knew they were doing it for some reason other than wanting to help?


While pondering this, think too about whether or not there is such a thing as a selfless act.  Doesn’t doing good make you feel good?  Therefore, you received something in return.  Hence, it is not selfless, right?


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