The *blank* # Lies of Ellie Carlton

This is part of the title of the next book I am working on.  The blank and # are not part of the title.  I am still plotting and therefore don’t have the number of lies she has told so until I finish, I don’t have the number of lies.


Ok, now that that is out of the way, the details.


Ellie Carlton is a Martha Stewart meets Emily Post type that lives in Beverly Hills and is married to a Hollywood Producer and has a growing business in Etiquette.  Yes, the art form of etiquette from a Hollywood/Beverly Hills socialite is a big seller, of books, that is.  Ellie writes books on etiquette and grows her brand to include a radio show and hopefully one day, a talk show.


The public is obsessed with Ellie ‘Etiquette’ is sophisticated, elegant, friendly and kind.  She is the kind of woman that is written about in Lady’s Home Journal and Time.  Ellie is a role model for young women and older women alike.


But Ellie is nothing like she pretends to be and soon everyone will know the truth.


Lie #1

My name is Ellie Carlton.


One thought on “The *blank* # Lies of Ellie Carlton

  1. O.M.G. I am so sorry I am as behind as I am on this book and just now responding, but I gotta say, although I don’t think this is exactly how you are portraying Ellie, I can ‘see’ her SO vividly as Kassie. One in the same.

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