The Power of Please on Social Media

In the mornings, Monday through Friday, I go to the gym at 5:15ish in the morning.  I do a fifteen minute warm up walk during which I peruse my various forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, you know, the usual.


Anyway, I noticed that aside from great attention grabbing tweets, posts, titles, the other thing that makes me look at a link or read an article is the use of one simple word: Please.


For some reason, I feel the heartfelt plea to ‘please read my poem’ or ‘please rt’ and I feel like it is only right to follow through.  I mean, didn’t our mothers say ‘please’ is the magic word?


And it truly is.  I feel the pull and the power that it exerts and I go to that link or read that poem that doesn’t quite rhyme and retweet it.


Why does this happen?  Why do I follow the please?  I do it because I feel like the word is neglected, a lot, in real life as well as social media.  Its like the redheaded stepchild, please is pushed aside and instead the word ‘now’ is used.  Sometimes please is felt unneeded because someone feels like they are above it or the audience is beneath them.


For example, how many indie authors write ‘please’ in their Twitter posts?  Now compare that to traditional published authors talking about their new book.  The indies use please a ton more while the traditional authors don’t use it at all (yes, I researched this via Twitter).   –# out of –# of traditional published authors used ‘please’ when promoting a project while –# out of –# of indie authors used ‘please’ to promote a project via Twitter (I only researched the last project each promoted).


What is the reason that indies are a little more…polite?  Perhaps polite is the wrong word but I feel that indie writers want it more at the time.  Most of us don’t publish a half-assed book on Amazon and then go on to be best sellers i.e. E.L. James.  Indies want it more.  They/we want that random person to click on the link to our blog.  We want the avid reader/review to read the reviews on our newly self-pubbed book.  We want someone to read our stuff and want more and tell their friends and to get to where we can become the traditional writer and not have to want it so bad.  We want to get to that point where we feel like we don’t need to say please because people know us and want to devour whatever we are putting out there.


Let’s see if ‘please’ works.  Please read my book.  Please buy it on Amazon and not illegal download.  Please read my blog whenever I post and please spread the word of my awesomeness across the Internet.


Now I will wait and see if ‘please’ works for me.


One thought on “The Power of Please on Social Media

  1. I read your book! It was amazing. I have encouraged others to read it, and will continue to, please and thanks aside, it’s a great book, and it should be read!

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