It’s Hard to Be Good

I was reading a book about Buddhism.  Within the first few pages I came across a section, called The Three Jewels.  It said the main things that Buddhists hold dear are the follow:

Not to do evil

To Cultivate good

To purify one’s mind.

Cultivating good is kind of easy.  I volunteer, I’m in the PTA, I’m a Girl Scout leader, I help random people but the purifying the mind and doing no evil is a little tougher, when you think about it.

When was the last time someone pissed you off, I mean really, really pissed you off and you didn’t think that you wanted their head to explode or actually don’t commit some act of revenge against them?

It’s hard not to immediately hate that person or wish ill upon them.  As I sat and thought about all the people that I felt wronged me and how I internally or externally paid them back, I thought, wow, being pure of mind and not doing harm is a lot harder than I thought.

Now, I’m not going to list all the bad thoughts I’ve had about people or all the ways I’ve sought revenge (because it could be bad news for me or you wouldn’t think so highly of me anymore), but I will say that I am not proud of my bad choices and I can see how they weigh on me after the fact.  I’m going to try to be pure of mind and to do no evil but I know I won’t be perfect, which is the best part of being human is that no expects perfection.

Are you going to try to be pure of mind and do no evil?


One thought on “It’s Hard to Be Good

  1. This is an incredibly tough one…I went to church one morning with a client from work, and the sermon was loving thy neighbor…although I am not much of a church person, I thought, well can’t hurt to listen, I got this, I’m good to MY neighbors;) Anyhow….as the sermon went on, the moral was, anyone can love thy neighbor, but to love your enemy is the trick, and I thought to myself, I can totally do that, but as the day went on, I kept reflecting-they want me to love __*!? But she is such a — — —. Long story short, it is SO incredibly difficult. Not gonna lie, I did not master this one, BUT I do try to be more forgiving to those that I work with each and every day, and considering where I work, I believe this is a phenomenal undertaking;) Good topic today though, Thanks!

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