Most of us think that we show our appreciation by saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ but are those words enough?  For example, is thank you enough when someone hands you toilet paper in the bathroom?  What about when a person gives you their seat on a bus ride or when someone pulls you out of the way of a car?  Is thank you enough?  And if it’s not, how do you know?  How do you show the appreciation you feel for what the person has done? 

I have found that most people think thank you is enough for most things.  That’s because they actually don’t appreciate the big things enough.  For example, if someone goes out of their way to run an errand for me, something that I couldn’t get to but is really important.  I tell them I appreciate it.  I say thank you and then I make sure to mention it to other people so the person that helped me can feel the appreciation of others. 

What if you don’t appreciate what someone has done?  Do you still have to say thank you?  For example, you get roped into a family function that you didn’t want to go to and when the event is over, and you are completely miserable, do you have to show the false sense of appreciation?

Just something to think about…


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