Do you believe in fate? I was never sure about it until recently when I had a particularly rough review of my TV pilot script. I went to a review group and they tore it apart. Too short, not developed enough, characters aren’t real enough. It was rough and even though I knew they were right. It hurt and I have never taken criticism well, it always feels pretty personal. I sometimes think about stopping the madness and just settling for a regular life working a regular, mundane 9-5. I always decide that kind of life isn’t for me and go back to writing.

After this particular beat down, I was feeling pretty down and my husband sent me an email with a link. I clicked the link and it took me to an article about how being a write is tough but to stick with it. It said on average, writers will write many, many bad scripts before writing a good one. It was just what I needed.

That night, I thanked my husband, I looked at him adoringly and told him how much that article meant to me and how his support touched me more than he could know. Do you know what he said? He never sent me that article. No. The article he sent was about scary short stories. I went back and clicked on the link and it did indeed send me to scary short stories, not the reassuring article. So where did it come from? My husband says it was fate. Fate interceded to keep me from quitting.

I’m still not sure about the coincidence but it did make me feel like I’m not wasting my time, my life, chasing this dream. It made me feel secure that the more I work on my craft the better it will get and maybe one day someone will like my work and I’ll be successful. Maybe one day, if fate allows it.


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