The Best Fall Lineup Ever!

The Best Fall Lineup Ever!


Fall 2014. The fall here in L.A. stayed hot so the only way we knew it was autumn was the return of pumpkin lattes at just about every fast food and coffee shop known to man and the new fall shows.


I’m always skeptical about new things: new food, new people, new TV shows. This is for two reasons, one, you never know what is really in the food, who the people really are and if the networks really have decent taste in entertainment. I think we all remember shows like Charlie’s Angels 2013, The Playboy Club or Kath and Kim, or maybe you don’t, and for good reason.


Networks are lead by rich, out of touch people who, *shocker*, don’t relate to everyday people who actually watch TV. For example, they greenlit Selfie, with two of my favorite actors, Karen Gillan and John Cho, which has been cancelled after a mere eight episodes. Meanwhile, Cristela, which features pee my pants hilarious Cristela Alonzo, almost didn’t make it to air and is now killing it in the time slot it airs in.


I have to say, fall 2014 will go down in history (in my version of history) as one of the best fall TV seasons ever. With strong continuing shows like Scandal (I love you, Shonda!), Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy (I love you, Shonda!), The Goldbergs and several others, there are several shows to keep my butt on the couch and my eyes glued to the —inch TV in my living room.


The newest, most exciting shows this fall, Cristela, How to Get Away With Murder (I love you, Shonda!), Blackish, The Flash and a handful of others. If you haven’t already, check them out on Hulu Plus.


For a breakdown of each new show listed above, look for tomorrow’s article, The Breakdown.




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