The Breakdown: Cristela

The Breakdown




ABC welcomes stand-up comedian, Cristela Alonzo, on the scene with her hip sitcom about living as a Hispanic woman in Texas who is just trying to finish law school and live the American dream, even if her family and co-workers aren’t always supportive.


Cristela is hi-lar-i-ous! Her take on life is viewed through those googly-eye glasses with the funny mustache instead of rose tint. I did an analysis of the most recent episode, Equal Pay, which aired 11/14/14, and there are never any fewer 8-10 laughs per scene with many scenes running up 20+ laughs! It’s great to see a minority woman who isn’t a size 2 who has a dream that has nothing to do with a man (unless you take her love of Tony Roma seriously).


Don’t miss the next episode, Enter Singing, which airs 11/21/14 on ABC


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