Magic Pen

When I decided to be a writer, not just write as a hobby, I went to Barnes and Noble. I was now a real writer and therefore needed real writer’s supplies.
I remember dreamily searching the supplies for the perfect notebook and perfect pens, the supplies that will make me a fabulous writer. I found a pack of multicolored gel pens and a several large spiral notebooks (I was going to be like James Patterson, just writing constantly). I bought the supplies, ran home and sat down, ready for the magic of the pens to begin. And I sat. And sat. There was something wrong. These pens were broken! Nothing was happening. I thought about returning the pens but they did write and they were so pretty…
Time went on and I did write things. The magic pens were working! I wrote whole stories without outlines, because I had once read a favorite author did not “waste time” writing outlines. I wrote and then gave it to friends to read, expecting them to come back and tell me how awesome it was.
Guess what? It was not awesome. It was confused and incomplete. Could it be that my pens were still missing the magical pixie dust that I assumed they had (disclaimer: the pens never claimed to have pixie dust, but what was I supposed to think? They were multicolored and had glitter. Didn’t I mention the sparkle?)?
I, annoyed, betrayed by the pens and the author, who, ten years later I’m sure lied about the not outlining, went back to Barnes and Noble. This time I avoid the pens (multicolored sparkle pens are liars) and go to the Writing and Reference.
There, finally, I find the magic. It’s the words, the tips, the help in the book that changes everything for me. I now know that writing is a process and is a learning experience and that outlines keep order and flow.
Now the pens might be magic or it might just be me.


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