Be Like the Bird

Days Left to 100 days of meditation: 96

Lesson learned: there’s a reason the early bird gets the worm.  It’s because no one is bothering her at 5 am.

I love my family.  I do.  I’d rather be at home with them than doing anything else (yes, there is a “but” coming) BUT I have found that I cannot, I mean CANNOT meditate with them pulling me in all directions!

The darkness of the morning beckons me to stay in bed so I slept in and therefore did not have my usual 10-15 minutes to meditate before helping my daughter get out the door for school and driving my husband to work and getting myself to work.

‘No problem’, I thought, I’ll meditate really quick at work.

QUIZ: Did I have time to meditate at work?

a.) of course!

b.) yes, but only for a few minutes.

c.) nope, why would you ever think there would be time to meditate at work?

The Answer: c.) Duh.

So I went home after work, thinking ‘I’ll meditate before bed, no problem.’

It’s bedtime and I go into the bedroom to meditate.  The bird (a very vocal parakeet named Oswin who doesn’t so much chirp as she screeches) starts yelling, most likely because my husband, her favorite, isn’t in the room.  I’m smile, for I came prepared.  I put on my huge headphones to drown her out as I open the Meditation Minis podcast by Chel Hamilton to get my calm on.

I begin to listen when my husband comes in, turns on the TV and then puts headphones on himself and plays a video game.  With the TV on.  Lights flashing, noises seeping into my ears.

Focusing with all my might, I tune into the soothing meditations of Chel Hamilton.  Then my phone vibrates. Even though I have the “do not disturb” feature on, (apparently there’s a setting to stop texts but I don’t know how to find it and forget to look), it still vibrates.  I know I should not look.  I’m sure it’s not an emergency, right?  What if it is though?  What if someone was in a car accident?  What if Lex (my 11 yr old) fell down a well?

I look at the text. It is Lex.  She sent me at least a hundred purple and blue heart emojis, which is lovely but this time was supposed to be about me relaxing.

I gave up.  I went to bed with the promise of waking up early the next day.

Guess what?  That was the answer.  I woke up early, meditated before doing anything else, before anyone else could get to me.  Success!

I meditated and the results were calming and immediate which you need if you live in L.A., have a family, have to leave the house ever or have Time Warner Cable.

So the moral of the story: be like the bird.



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