Daily Prompt #2

You wake up in the morning and go to work but your workplace is now a place you would never have considered working.

My take on this:

Humming “Walking on Sunshine” as I flung open the door to Namaste Yoga Center, I paused the music on my phone and removed my headphones. I turned and saw twenty people staring at me like I’m crazy.

“Are you ok, Lily?” A gray-haired man asks as he cocks a shotgun.

“Uh, yeah, no, I mean where am I?”

“Work.” The man said and shifted his stare to his co-workers.

“Where’s the yoga place? Where are Celia and Rainn?” I looked around and notice not only the stares from various strangers but also guns. Hundreds of them on the wall, in the glass cases and in the hands of the people in the store. That’s when I saw the sign ‘Davis Guns and Ammo’ on the wall.


Now it’s your turn! Get to writing and post your writing below!

Have a great writing day!


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