Daily Prompt #5

Monday Writing Prompt:

He sat there like nothing at all was happening, as if he wasn’t flirting or toying with me. It only made me want him more.

My take on it:

I picture undressing him, slowly pulling away his silvery top and letting it fall to the floor. I would meet him, my mouth watering, longing to taste him, to allow myself to melt into his kiss.

Of course I couldn’t have him here. I’d have to wait until everyone left so our meeting, our desire for each other can remain clandestine.

As the room emptied out, I kept my eyes on him, waiting for the moment to approach him.

Finally the last person walked out of the meeting. I made my move.

“Well, hello there,” I scooped up the Hershey’s kiss and slipped of the wrapper, tossing it to the side like trash. The warm velvety chocolate melted as it slid across my tongue. I closed my eyes and let the chocolate, the taste, the smell envelope me.

When it was gone, I turned to leave but instead was met with the judgemental eyes of my weight-loss support group, some full of pity, some anger and clearly some full of envy.



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