Misadventures in Baking #1

In 2015 I suddenly got very sick. Everything I ate made me sick. I spent about two weeks in the bathroom. Finally I went to urgent care. They said it was the stomach flu. I knew it was not the stomach flu. They told me to eat the BRAT diet: banana, rice, applesauce and toast. I did but I only got sicker.

After several tests, including a colonoscopy (the prep is 24 hours of torture for those who don’t know) and finally they had a diagnosis: IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My doctor prescribed a Low FODMAP diet, otherwise known as the “You Can’t Eat Anything” diet. The banana, applesauce and toast were actually making me sicker (thanks doc).

It’s been two years of trying to figure out what to eat and not to eat and finally I caved and gave into the realization that gluten (at one time we were lovers, soulmates) was making me sick. Small amounts spread out over time seemed to be OK but I am not the love them and leave them type. The only way to go was completely gluten free.

After I broke up with gluten and had my mourning period (I listened to a lot of songs about heartbreak and loss) I jumped on the gluten free train. Choo choo!

For those who know, they know I’ve never been big into cooking but gluten is in EVERYTHING! So now I was in the conundrum of finding foods to eat that I liked and didn’t have me becoming close personal friends with my toilet. I had to cook and bake!

The fact that my last name is “Baker” is ironic. It means that somewhere along the line, my family was a family of bakers, as in delicious bread and pastries and lots of other things I could no longer have and also, I tend to burn things and hate following measurements for recipes. Now I had no choice.

What is one to do when they crave chocolate chip cookies but can’t buy them? You go on Pinterest and find a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe!

The recipe I found the Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe by Paleohacks and they actually turned out pretty good!



The Pros:

-taste pretty good

-have a strong coconut texture which I enjoyed

-fairly easy to make and pretty fast

The Cons:

-They don’t have a crispness that most cookies have

-They are spongy which is not what I was expecting

-They cooked faster than I imagined and while I didn’t burn them the bottoms were much darker than the edges and top.

The Takeaway:

I would definitely make these again but I’d embrace the coconut texture and flavor by adding toasted coconut throughout.

If you have a great (no, I’m serious, great recipes only) gluten free recipe, let me know below!

Bon appetite!



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