Daily Prompt #7

Write about a woman at the beach alone, staring at the ocean.

My take on it:

She could see the waves but could only hear the crashing as they lapped over each other. Longing to be closer, to hear each crinkle of the fishy salt water as it ebbed and flowed, she ventured toward the shore.

Her shoes sunk into the burning sand as she moved even closer, the woosh, woosh of the water amplifying as she got to where the water slides like glass over the smooth, cold shore.

As the waves beckoned her, calling out “Wendy.” She dropped her purse, then her keys, making a clinking sound as they hit the wet sand. She stood, her feet in the water, the water gliding over her ankles.

She opened the camera app on her phone and snapped a picture of the view. Perfect day for the beach, she thought. She turned the camera to video and began to record. Holding it in her hand, she walked into the rolling waves, to her knees, to her hips, to her check until she was deep in the depths of the dark, hazy water.


What’s your take on it? Share below!


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