Days Away

Saturday I took my daughter and the Girl Scout troop to a private beach in Long Beach and they canoed, kayaked and paddle boarded. Needless to say, the girls had a blast. Due to my back issues (herniated disc) I stayed on the beach and read and even napped under the pop-up. It was fantastic.

We got back yesterday afternoon and unpacked, did laundry and just relaxed but today I will be back to the grind.

I will make dinner and then write until my fingers fall off. I’m already feeling the need, the compulsion to get to it. I have ideas and figured out problems that I was struggling with and all it took was a weekend at the beach.

How do you relax? What helps you get your flow flowing again? Share!



What a week! Work was c-ra-zy! I’m thrilled it’s almost over and I will be at the beach all weekend. While my Girl Scout troop kayaks (I have a herniated disc so I can’t kayak without tremendous amounts of pain) I will be writing and editing the book I’m working on which is tentitively called Indiscretion. Wish me luck!

What are you doing this weekend?