Book Review: Horrostor

If you are looking for quick, fun, slightly gross read, Horrostor is for you. Grady Hendrix and the team behind the book format ingeniously use the the Ikea catalog as a guide for creating this book.

Finishing a book in a week might sound weak but I am a very busy person. I work, I write, I have a needy dog and a teenager, and I’m a Girl Scout Leader so finishing a book in a week is a big deal.

Hendrix sucks the reader into the story right away by introducing Amy, a snarky woman who hates her job, hates her boss and hates her life. She is the constant victim of an unfair life. When her boss asks her and the most responsible employee, Ruth Anne, to help him find out who has been breaking into the store and destroying furniture.

Once inside, they are sucked into a world of paranormal activity that will keep your lights on throughout the night.

Enjoy Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix today:


Yeah, so I realized these prompts aren’t daily because I don’t post on the weekends so I’m changing it to Almost Daily Prompts. Yes, I lol’d.

Today’s prompt: Write about the smell of autumn and what memories it invokes.

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